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Concepts of ENSO, El Nino-La Nina, El Nino Modoki | Climatology | Dr. Krishnanand

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This is the 31st in the series of lectures; on Concepts of ENSO, El Nino-La Nina, El Nino Modoki for undergraduate geography students as well as Geography (optional) for UPSC exams.

This video by Dr. Krishnanand, founder of TheGeoecolologist; is suitable and helpful for the UPSC/IAS aspirants and beginners as well.

Simplified Explanation of Concepts of ENSO, El Nino-La Nina, El Nino Modoki has been made in this lecture.

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35 responses on "Concepts of ENSO, El Nino-La Nina, El Nino Modoki | Climatology | Dr. Krishnanand"

  1. I really can't stop myself from writing a comment. I am so grateful to you sir. I have never ever learned elnino enso so easily so clearly and its now registered in my mind.. I am really really thankful to you

  2. Sir Indian winters are more severe due to elnino or la nino?
    I read somewhere it is la Nina, how is this possible?
    Sir please reply

  3. Sir please make a video on SAM and QBO

  4. just realised i had learnt a flawed concept until this video, thankyou sir!

  5. All clear concept after watched this video ….thaks lot

  6. Thank you sir for your valuable information…..

  7. Very well explained…thanku so much.

  8. Good morning sir πŸ™
    Sir please explain the concepts of Ningaloo Nino
    Sub tropical dipole ?????


  10. Thank you Sir for an effective illustration of a such complex phenomenon of El-Nino. Your explanation was lucid and to the point….

  11. Good evening sir πŸ™
    Hatts of your teaching style , really sir your way of teaching is very different , wonderful, impressive in a simple language πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸŒπŸŒπŸŒ thankyou so much. Sir

    But sir please improve the quality of diagrams because they are not visible clearly πŸ™πŸ™
    Sir tell me one thing .. are you teaching in Any Cllg of Delhi University ????

  12. Thank u for enhancing my knowledge….. Lots of wishes

  13. This was a nice representation…It missed to explain does el nino modoki have any influence over Indian monsoon? Recent studies show that teleconnections associated with ENSO Modoki influence the rainfall over India and South Africa

  14. They are pronounced "El Ninyo" and "La Ninya". The Spanish letter Γ‘ is pronounced "enyay".

  15. The best thing about you is the way you explain everything with a smile and ease, and such a happy voice you have..it makes me understand even more. I'm really thankful that I got a chance to learn from you sir. πŸ™‚

  16. so during el-lino year peru people get rain instead of fish .

  17. One of the best educator πŸ‘Œ .. Please keep doing lectures ..

  18. There's a difference in learning from online educators who just have read some books and teachers who have done PhD in the subject. It's goldmine of knowledge. And smooth concepts …Thanks a lot. Highly underviewed channel.

  19. Since El Nino & La Nina are opposite phenomenon is it possible to say La- Nina and normal year are same?

  20. Thank you so much Sir. Great helpπŸ™

  21. Such Gold explanation. Thanks Krishna sir.

  22. Sir your teaching skills are very good just watching the videos clear my all concept please keep making the lecturesπŸ‘β€οΈ

  23. I'm lucky, your video is permanently store on my mind. please upload atmospheric wave with mathematical equations(gravity wave, equatorial wave, planetary wave, Rossby wave )

  24. Superb explanation sir..thanks a million πŸ™

  25. Sir please complete the all parts for UPSC optional geographyπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™……once again salute you sir

  26. Sir, do make videos on Urban land use models please.

  27. Sir, somewhere about difference in El nino and LA Nina written following "El nino accompanied high air surface pressure in western pacific. And LA Nina accompanied low air surface pressure in the eastern pacific." sir if in LA Nina it has low air pressure in eastern pacific then in El nino it has to be low pressure in western . Please correct me

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