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Dualism in Geographical Thought | Dichotomy In Geography | By Dr. Krishnanand

E-book (pdf) is available at : https://mithilacraft.com/product/evolution-of-geographical-thought/

This is the 16th in the series of lectures; on Dualism in Geographical Thought for undergraduate geography students.

This video by Dr. Krishnanand, founder of TheGeoecolologist; is suitable and helpful for the UPSC/IAS aspirants and beginners as well.

Simplified explanation of the Dichotomy In Geography has been made in this lecture.

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29 responses on "Dualism in Geographical Thought | Dichotomy In Geography | By Dr. Krishnanand"

  1. Sir your video lectures lot of help me in rpsc assistant professor exam.i qualified paper of assistant professor now preparing for interview.today I am seeing this lecture for interview preparation.thanks sir for your valuable affort

  2. Thank you for the free quality lessons in geography πŸ™ that is real empowerment through free knowledge πŸ‘

  3. Hello sir
    Are your e books similar to these lectures.?

  4. very good class sir. well explained. it will be very useful for those preparing for upsc geography optional. thank you so much sir.

  5. Sir, can i get the notes in pdf form?

  6. Wooow Sir….very nice concept..and your way of talking of English is excellent

  7. Extraordinary
    Fantastic work sir…πŸ™

  8. Thanku so much sir for such a informative videoπŸ™πŸ™sir, I have a doubt. In many books, I have studied that Carl Ritter was determinist while he said that there is a influence of nature on man and he further said that there is reciprocal relation between man and nature, so he considered determinist while determinist was criticised because they said nature control the man and ritter never used the term control and possibilst did not reject the influence of nature on man. So sir, please specify why Ritter was determinist??

  9. Sir one major drawback is lack of examples in your videos for different concept give max. Examples to make easily understandable

  10. Sir how dualism and dichotomy in methods of geographical study different from dualism and dichotomy of approaches in geography…. Many times we see same examples like idiographic – deductive for methods as well as approaches. ??

  11. Kindly provide the link of Delhi determinism and possibilism

  12. Superb video sir… Very much fluently explain sir.. I want to talk with you. If possible Shere your number sir.. There are some doubts in my mind. Please reply me sir…

  13. Very comprehensively explained πŸŒŸπŸŒŸπŸ™Œ

  14. Sir, who divide geography into general and special.I am confused between Bernhard and Barth….ew.

  15. Thankyou so much sir. Wonderful, lucid and easiest explanation of the topic.πŸ™πŸ˜Š

  16. sir upsc optional me to aap bawal macha doge, kamaal hai sir , lucid, easy and understandable.

  17. Quality video.. Incorporated all concept.

  18. Amazing. You explained more clearly than my optional sir πŸ‘Œ

  19. Can we also get to learn about the topics like areal differentiation , spatial analysis,regions etc

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