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E-book (pdf) is available at : https://mithilacraft.com/product/evolution-of-geographical-thought/

This is the fourth in the series of lectures on Evolution of Geographical Thought, covering the contributions of Greek Scholars- Part- 2 for undergraduate geography students and for UPSC/IAS aspirants and beginners is explained in this video by Dr. Krishnanand , founder of TheGeoecolologist.

Simplified explanation of how to approach the evolution of geographical thought , during the Greeks and contribution of various scholars, has been made in this lecture.

Contributions of the later Greek scholars such as Socrates,Plato, Aristotle , Alexander, Eratosthenes, Hippocrates,Hipparchus and Posidonius have been described and explained in this video.

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23 responses on "GREEK SCHOLARS | Part-2 | GEOGRAPHICAL THOUGHT | By Dr.Krishnanand"

  1. Sir I have a confusion
    The book " geographica" is written by strabo a/q to Wikipedia and Majid huassain . But a/q to u it's eratosthenes pl 🙏 clear sir

  2. one doubt sir… geographica was written by strabo . then how come eratosthenes's contribution in here,???

  3. Sir it is Eratosthenes or Erastothenes?

  4. That's why geographical thought is mother of geography

  5. thank sir for your efforts, this is really so helpful 🙏🙏

  6. Geographica was written by Strabo not Eratosthenes

  7. Sir in many books hecateus regarded as father of geography and in many books eratosthenes what to answer in mcq if both are present?

  8. I’m enjoying this so much, I learned bits and pieces of this material in the past, but your lecture really lays this out, step-wise, in an excellent, methodical way. I’m going to re-watch this series, make notes, and make myself a mini-book. I don’t have any exam to take, I’m retired, it’s just for the pleasure of learning. I guess I’m a nerd, I’d rather watch something I enjoy learning about, rather than just pure entertainment, so to speak.

  9. Sir MAP series par videos upload krdo plz..it's a reqst to uhh

  10. Thank u so much sir…. 🤗🤗🤗

  11. Amazingly explained and made each and every point clear… Thank you sir

  12. Visualization becomes more easier after your lecture. Thank you sir

  13. This is veryy impressive sir !! Kudosds

  14. Thank you so much sir for detailed analysis about Greek Scholars…

  15. Highly clear and conceptual base.
    Thank you Sir

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