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Plate Tectonics Theory | World Physical Geography | Geomorphology | Dr. Krishnanand

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In this video the various concepts related to the Plate Tectonics Theory have been discussed ; which is part of World Physical Geography for UPSC – General Studies Paper-1, as well as for other geography students.

This video by Dr. Krishnanand, founder of TheGeoecolologist; is suitable and helpful for the UPSC/IAS aspirants and beginners as well.

Simplified explanation of the understanding of Plate Tectonics Theory, for preparation of UPSC (general studies paper-1) has been made in this lecture.

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40 responses on "Plate Tectonics Theory | World Physical Geography | Geomorphology | Dr. Krishnanand"

  1. Thank you so much sir. It was a very profound description of the tectonic plates movement. I'm very much grateful to you for your guidance.

  2. Sir can island arcs be also called as volcanic island arcs ???

    Or these terms have different meaning?

  3. Thank you sir, this was an excellent presentation, i love the way you present the content with great logic and relevant examples, making the topic easier and understandable. This is awesome, continue doing great.

  4. Excellent Class Thank you Sir 🙏💝

  5. nice video sir! please start Indian Geography

  6. Helped me a lot ❤️ thank u so much sir 🌻

  7. oooooo! yes Benioff cause generally tsunami . eg, in Japan

  8. Oceanic crust subduct in to gerenaly Continental crust, it's okay but Continental crust to oceanic?

  9. May some time , sir Continental crust subduct in to oceanic plates?

  10. good teaching way. some books 📚 online sources of Astronomy Geography and Geology.

  11. As an Environmental science student myself, your videos are helping me alot.
    Thank you Sir 🙂 ❤

  12. Very good explanation sir
    Thank u so much

  13. I just subscribed you and speaking honestly you are fabulous sir😇. Do make this quality content for the betterment of everyone. Thanks a lot👍

  14. Well explanation ✨❤Very much helpful… 🤗thanks sir👍

  15. Sir, Can you please answer this question?
    Given below are the two statement:
    1: the process in which one plate slides beneath another plate is zone of convergence.
    2. Sea floor spreading becomes more prominent along the zone of convergences.
    Can you please ans this which statement is true and which is false.?

  16. Nice video thanku sir i m bsc honours geography student

  17. Asalamualikum how to prepare geography for upsc

  18. Very sufficient explanation sir thank you so much sir

  19. Thanks for providing us with such a great video, where all the terms which are, associated to plate tectonic theory has been explained very well and the concept as well.

  20. Well explained 👍 Thanks sir🙏

  21. Sir i want marine geology videos available from u r channel? Sir!

  22. Well this was a nice easy and simple explanation ❤️. Would love to go in more details as college major LEVEL.
    Helped me alot . ❤️ Thank you so much❤️

  23. Thanks a lots dear sir your explanation is so good it is also essential for me………

  24. Sir I have confusion on T J Wilson in 1965 but you say that it is 1963
    Which one is right ?
    Sir plz response

  25. Sir ur explaination is very good but sir I request to please cover the topics of geology which will be helpful for us because there are very less Geology channels in YouTube where concept is not clear of please try to cover topics of geology ….Ur videos are helpful in covering our Geology topics but sir please try to make videos on Geology also🙏

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