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Rank Size Rule -Zipf's Law-Settlement Geography-Geoecologist

In this video the various concepts related to the Rank Size Rule and Zipf’s Law, has been discussed ; which is part of Human Geography for UPSC – Geography Optional, as well as beneficial for other geography students.
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This video by Dr. Krishnanand, founder of TheGeoecologist; is suitable and helpful for the UPSC/IAS aspirants and beginners as well. Simplified explanation of the Rank Size Rule and Zipf’s Law for preparation of UPSC (geography optional) has been made in this lecture.

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21 responses on "Rank Size Rule -Zipf's Law-Settlement Geography-Geoecologist"

  1. I found your channel today, I wish I would have found it earlier. I am preparing completely on my own for UPSC CSE. I got 98, 80 (2020) & 103,123 (2021) -> missed final cut off by 43 marks. I am writing Mains 2022. I will definitely take help from your videos. Thank you very much sir. 😊

  2. Sir can you please explain what is modified zipf's formula..and what is the formula?

  3. The answer to the rank size rule qs. will be 250,000.

  4. Sir, in that population vs rank graph: what does that ‘ i ‘ stands for, I mean which index. A bit confusing. Please make it clear.

  5. My fav teacher
    Sir please teach us geography of india full for upsc .in hinglish and mark lecture number serial wise


  7. Sir will your videos help me in my UPSC preparation

  8. Conceptual and theoretical frame work of regional planning:

        -Growth pole and growth foci.

    ·         Planning Processes:


                             – decentralized planning.

    ·         Integrated Area Development Planning (IADP):

    ·         Planning for :   -Tribal and hilly areas

                                         -Drought prone areas

                                         – Command areas

                                         – Watershed.

    Planning for Metropolitan Region: CBD, satellite towns, urban green belt

    ·         Concept of Development.

    ·         Indicators of development.

    ·         Regional imbalance.

    ·         Planning for sustainable development.

    ·         Regionalization of India:

    -Based on natural, economic and administration (macro and Meso levels only).

    Planning Regions in India (according to Town and Country Planning)
    Please sir, help me these topics. Your teachings are very beneficial to me🙏

  9. My all time favourite geography sir💞💞💞

  10. Sir how to write this in 9 minutes in mains geography answer

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