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E-book (pdf) is available at : https://mithilacraft.com/product/evolution-of-geographical-thought/

This is the 20th in the series of lectures; on REGIONAL SYNTHESIS IN GEOGRAPHICAL THOUGHT for undergraduate geography students as well as Human Geography (optional) for UPSC exams.

This video by Dr. Krishnanand, founder of TheGeoecolologist; is suitable and helpful for the UPSC/IAS aspirants and beginners as well.

Simplified explanation of regional Synthesis has been made in this lecture.

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16 responses on "REGIONAL SYNTHESIS IN GEOGRAPHICAL THOUGHT| Human Geography | By Dr. Krishnanand"

  1. sir, here we can add Fennman's diagram? (diagram of combining all types of geographies- envirnment geog,biogeog,climatolgy etc for studying one region)

  2. Sir which book we refer for perspective of human geography topic?sir for this topic upsc optional perspective diagram is needed?

  3. Sir is regional synthesis approach produced to safeguard the school of areal differentiation & regional geography from the rising quantitative revolution?

    Are they adding systematic approach to regional study to protect their school from Quantitative revolution? Please answer

  4. Please use diagrams, they will give a more clear picture.

  5. you are lifeline sir❤❤❤❤ i request you to please dont the video…please

  6. Sir is chorology+Nomethetic approach = regional synthesis?

  7. thank you so much! this was of great help! please keep enlightening us on geography
    this useful for Optional geography! thanks a ton

  8. Thank you sir.
    Sir, are you going to cover all geography optional topics on this platforn ?

  9. sir who gave the concept of paige(pays)? i m confused with diffrent answrs.

  10. Sir.. Can we write the concept of compage by whittlesey

  11. Really your teaching is awesome…. I have seen your videos in chanakya ias

  12. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

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