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Refund / Cancellation and Returns Policy

Read This Carefully


As we are an education Institution, our products like E-books, Study Materials (online downloadable pdf) and Online Live Courses are part of our intellectual property and thus, once bought shall not be refunded . The same has been mentioned in our products and services for the buyers under the terms and conditions and cancellation policy as well, which need to be carefully read before buying as once the payment is made, it cannot be reversed.


No refunds shall be made on the products and services once bought or subscribed to.


The products and services cannot be exchanged.

Shipping returns

We don’t have any shipping charges on our products as they are all online, downloadable or accessible.



Cancellation Policy


Terms and Conditions:


Cancellation Policy for Live Courses:

There will be NO REFUNDS after cancellation of the LIVE COURSES as per our policy.

Cancellation Policy for Online Recorded Video Based Courses:

There are no refunds for online courses. We take pride in the quality of our offerings. If something has not met your needs, please call us at +91-9311052969

Cancellation Policy for E-books, E- Magazines and other Study Materials (online Pdf):

There will be NO REFUNDS or Returns once the payment is made for the products as per our policy.


Need help?

Contact us at thegeoecologist@gmail.com for further questions related to refunds or returns.