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Areal Differentiation in Geographical Thought | Human Geography | By Dr. Krishnanand

E-book (pdf) is available at : https://mithilacraft.com/product/evolution-of-geographical-thought/

This is the 17th in the series of lectures; on Areal Differentiation in Geographical Thought for undergraduate geography students as well as Human Geography (optional) for UPSC exams.

This video by Dr. Krishnanand, founder of TheGeoecolologist; is suitable and helpful for the UPSC/IAS aspirants and beginners as well.

Simplified explanation of the Areal Differentiation in Geographical Thought has been made in this lecture.

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45 responses on "Areal Differentiation in Geographical Thought | Human Geography | By Dr. Krishnanand"

  1. I think u went onto explain other things rather than specifically on areal differentiation. U went too deep.

  2. Thankβ€πŸŒΉπŸ™πŸ™

  3. Sir please guide us that how can we write answers by connecting concept of paper 1 with paper II of Geography optional

  4. Your teaching is 100 times better than so called IAS paid coachings…Thank u sir

  5. Thank you sir…it's great and perfectly explained…nd also helps me a lot to understand and preparing notes….please sir keep uploading these types of lectures. ..
    Thank you sirπŸ˜ŠπŸ™‡

  6. Sir please provide booklist as well

  7. Your all classes are very simply & very nice teaching sir

  8. Thank you sir for this valuable lecture. 🌼. Perfectly explained and wonderful. 🌼

  9. Sir, how to critically analyze it? what are the negative aspects of it?

  10. So is chorology same as areal differentiation?

  11. Sir..can u cover different models as per geography optional perspective…like von thunens model christaller weber etc..as ur way of teaching is amazing…kindly do dis favour if possible…it will be really helpful

  12. Hello paaji jo aap ne padhaya thik hai le kin standard book mein yeh smjh nhii aaa reha what to do

  13. Hi, I'm just starting my prep. geography optional preparation. Is this a good start or do I need to read any books before coming to this video.

  14. Sir which book will be better to press notes on this topic???For geography optional perspective

  15. After completing the complete video still can't understand this topic.

  16. Subscribing to the channel,sir😊sir can u give real time examples for the region,space ,place etc.,it would be very easy to understand.
    Place is a subset of space ,sir?

  17. Thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge, Sir one more request: please explain us these concepts with real time examples:
    Wherein one is from Indian perspective and the other from world perspective, this will enable us in value addition to our answers.

    Thank you once again.

  18. Thank u so much sir for posting these lectures…
    After examining all the material for Geography subject… I'm gaining much knowledge from ur vedios…I can say my mind is finally at ease…
    Thank u once again ❀️

  19. Hello sir , please mention about the genetic classification of boundaries given by hartshorne…

  20. Finally after five six videos , 2 books, I understood the concept of areal differentiation πŸ™„πŸ™πŸ™ big thank you sir..
    I must say that this concept in RD Dixit book is πŸ™„ very difficult to understand.

  21. Sir, after W.W. 2 quantative techniques was adopted to study what ?

  22. Sir this is a really well explained video.. very informative! Looking forward to explore more of your videos

  23. Sir pls correct me if I m wrong;
    Areal differentiation + chorology = Regional Synthesis

  24. Sir is genetic classification of boundaries part of areal differentiation or not?

  25. Thank you so much sir !

    Very much needed πŸ™

  26. thank u sir….your teaching approach is great…sir there are lots of book for geo optional in UPSC exam..sir pls as u explain so well pls suggest me book name which i will take for my upsc prep, so that the book will helpful after watching all ur lectures.pls sir its a humble request…sir i m coming from science background need u as my mentor.

  27. sir very well explained with application

  28. Sir is areal differentiation and chorology are different or is areal differentiation a part of chorology? Please explain sir!!!!!

  29. Sir…, Can we conclude that areal differentiation is just about studying the present differences of regions and regional synthesis is about studying the difference of region in Spatial and temporal aspects?

  30. Krishna Sir…. Please Guide me! I must say your way of explaining the topic is really very impressive. I was fearful of this perspectives topic… Thanks to the internet revolution and thanks to you for sharing your knowledge…. Simply AMAZING…!
    Please Sir do consider me as your student… I need your guidance!

  31. Thank you very much for this lecture. It helps me a lot.

  32. Wow…..
    1. Simple explanation
    2. Soothing voice
    3. Info easily flowing into mind

  33. Thank you so much for posting this in english sir. πŸ™‚

  34. Good and smooth explanation, please elaborate more examples to understand it in better way

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