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Field Work in Geography| ROLE AND VALUE | Session: 4

Link to the E-book (PDF) :https://mithilacraft.com/product/field-work-ebook/

This video lecture is fourth in the series of lectures by Dr. Krishnanand, based on his book A Geographer’s Guide to Field Work and Research Methodology (According to CBCS Syllabus). In this video, the FIELD WORK’S ROLE AND VALUE has been explained.

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9 responses on "Field Work in Geography| ROLE AND VALUE | Session: 4"

  1. thank you sir I have done my university class through you lectures

  2. Can you suggest some material for this topic.

  3. Research work or field work are same in geography plz tell

  4. Good work…

    Shall I have a suggestion?
    Sir I think it will be more effective if the background music is not there…. just a suggestion

  5. Sir please upload videos lecture on research methodology and field work 5th semester geography please sir.

  6. Nice video. I will ask my students to watch your videos.

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