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Primary Winds | Trade Winds, Westerlies and Polar Easterlies | Climatology | Dr. Krishnanand

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This is the thirteenth in the series of lectures; on Primary Winds i.e.Trade Winds, Westerlies and Polar Easterlies for undergraduate geography students as well as Geography (optional) for UPSC exams.

This video by Dr. Krishnanand, founder of TheGeoecolologist; is suitable and helpful for the UPSC/IAS aspirants and beginners as well.

Simplified Explanation of Primary Winds i.e.Trade Winds, Westerlies and Polar Easterlies has been made in this lecture.

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26 responses on "Primary Winds | Trade Winds, Westerlies and Polar Easterlies | Climatology | Dr. Krishnanand"

  1. Excellent session sir. I m Totally dependent on your lecture for my state psc exm thank you for clearing concepts 🤩

  2. Why Polar easterlies are more regular in the southern hemisphere in comparison to the northern hemisphere?

    The flow of these winds(Polar easterlies) is altered by the Earth"s rotation and deflected towards the east.why?

  3. Thank you Sir, I was very confused about these. You explained it very well. Appreciation from Pakistan. Also can you please guide us about some good book to prepare this in notes ?

  4. Sir, you have changed the subject liking,great going, pl suggest similar teacher for history and economics

  5. Thank u for making videos it helps me a lot…. Best wishes

  6. Excellent..i have followed your all videos ❤️‍

  7. excellent video on climatology
    ❤️❤️🙏 thank you sir

  8. Sir..your videos are so useful for students like me…
    Thank you so much for sharing ideas so clearly

  9. Thanks sir a lot!
    I was very confused about this topic.
    Thanks for helping me sir…

  10. Sir I shall forever be grateful to you. Thanks a lot. You are really good at teaching geography . Stay blessed.

  11. Sir what about equatorial westerlies ? And what is "tall region" due to piling of air

  12. Such nice explanation sir!! Thankyou very much✨

  13. Good eve Sir,
    geography was never easy for me . I am watching this series since morning and I m not tired of the content(studied for 7 hrs straight with just food breaks … woah,quite an achievement) .Faced few problems,and replayed them and yo, I am well versed now 😀 .
    you have our support Sir, Please excel .
    Best Wishes

  14. Great initiative sir! very clear videos. Also make more videos regarding previous year analytical based geography upsc questions and how to approach them.

  15. Literally was so confused with these, then i saw you have covered this topic sir.. I was like finally, and this reaction was even before starting the video. Thanks sir.

  16. hello sir ,i enjoyed your lecture .i have a doubt in it.
    As per your lecture both trade winds(TW) and the westerlies are surface winds.trade winds blows towards equator and westerlies towards pole.trade winds (from subtropical hight to equatorial low) are affected by coriolis force and gets deflected right (west to east)in northern hemisphere.

    DOUBT:looking only In northern hemisphere as both TW and westerlies are surface winds ,both should be affected by coriolis, making the westerlies(winds from sub tropical high to sub polar low 30"N TO 60" N) also to deflected to LEFT (ie.east to west).but it is happening opposite (west to east making it westerlies)??

    TO simply put why are winds from sub tropical high to sub polar low 30"N TO 60" N moving west, though their tendency is to move towards left (east ) due to coriolis force??Is coriolis for not a factor for such winds?

    thank you.

  17. Sir , please clear a doubt that all the three winds sub tropical easterly ,polar easterly and westerly winds are surface winds? Or any of them is a part of upper air circulation?

  18. Thank u sir, sir plz make video how jet stream has effect on monsoon

  19. Thank u sirr for this vedio it helped me vary much sir . Love your channel

  20. Dear Sir, I am not a student of geography. However, I have always been interested in geography. It fascinates me. I have been following your lectures. You make things so simple and yet informational at the same time that geography looks fun. I have already seen many lectures on youtube but your lectures make it more enjoyable. Thank you very much Sir.

  21. Sir I want to ask you are teacher of du if you are please suggest me which will be better du or Calcutta University for geography honours I got selection in both.I am from Asansol west Bengal.

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