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Understanding Disasters, Hazards,Risk and Vulnerability | By Dr.Krishnanand

The concepts of Disasters, Hazards,Risk and Vulnerability under Disaster Management and Geography Optional Paper for UPSC CSE for UPSC/IAS aspirants and beginners is explained in this video by Dr. Krishnanand , founder of TheGeoecolologist.

Simplified Explanation of the Disasters, has been made in this lecture.

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22 responses on "Understanding Disasters, Hazards,Risk and Vulnerability | By Dr.Krishnanand"

  1. U deserve 1 million views for this vedio

  2. What an explanation 😍❀️

  3. Very smooth teaching 😊ty

  4. Extra ordinary .i will make notes

  5. Bhyii Hindi mai bhi example kr dete aap

  6. Thanks sir Allah bless you. You clear all my doubts…

  7. Please Sir Make Video series On Vulnerablity Analysis/Assessment

  8. From where we can get your ppt copy? And thank you for this lecture..

  9. Thank you so much dear Sir. U have higly approach and well grip on subject that the reason we learn easily.
    i say again thank you so much from Punjab university Lahore Pakistan.

  10. Watch in 1.25x . Video is really helpful

  11. Good Afternoon Sir, are you able to assist Disaster Management Practitioners with videos they can project during awareness campaigns

  12. Thanku soo much sir, Allah bless u

  13. Really amazing tutor thank you very much and wish you long live

  14. Very descriptive and informative. I always had a confusion between disaster and hazards; you’ve cleared it now. Kudos to you πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

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